Sea Breeze Conservation Sew Mates

“Conservation Sew Mates” was inspired by, and established with the aim to support wildlife conservation efforts. As a livelihood supplement project, Sew Mates workshops were organized to teach fishermen community to make and sell the toys to tourists.sewmates_toyssouthern-leyte_sew-mates_womens-alternative-livelihood_2

Your purchase is helping the sustainable development of responsible ecotourism in the Philippines, that will ultimately help whale sharks and the community that depend on them.


Sea Breeze Women’s Organization is a People’s Organisation from Barangay Son-ok, Pintuyan. They work with the tiki-tiki (whale shark) tourism to support alternative livelihood.their-future-our-future_southern-leyte_3-1







Contact Number: 0926 836 5572



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