Before you could swim  with the sharks, all tourists must undergo briefing before given trip tickets to engage in whale shark interaction. Then you’ll need spotters and tour guides and KASAKA will provide that. About KASAKA | Contact KASAKA

Charges are collected from persons engaging in Whale Shark Watching and Interaction.

Whaleshark Interaction Fees:

Conservation Fee:                Php250.00 per person

Boat Rental:                           Php700.00 boat tour within the Municipal Water of Pintuyan                                                          Proper.

Php800.00 boat tour within the Municipal Water of San Ricardo.

Tour / Naturalist Guide:      Php350.00

Shark Spotter:                       Php300.00


Each tourist is given three (3) hours for a sea-based adventure. For motorized boats anchoring or mooring, a fee of Php150.00 for motorized boats less than 3 tons will apply. All types of boat exceeding 4 tons, the existing Municipal Fishery Ordinance on anchorage will apply.

Always remember the Whale Shark Interaction Guidelines before and after entering the interaction area.



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